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Our Team.

Meet our incredible team of passionate educators, who also a parents! With years of experience in early childhood education, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to create an exceptional learning journey for your little ones. 

Our team is dedicated to fostering a play-based, fun, and safe environment where curiosity is nurtured, imaginations are unleashed, and every child can thrive.


Miss Barbie

Founder/ Lead Teacher 

An early childhood educator with over 8 years of experience in both local and international schools. A qualified adult, kid and baby yoga teacher. A mother to a 3 years old boy.

Her goal is to share her passion and professional to children and parents. Discover the power of learning through play and hand-on experiences, in a fun and safe environment.

Miss Ems

Teacher Assistant 

Miss Ems has years of early childhood experience with special needs children and has been worked in kindergarden school as a volunteer. 

She firmly believe that the early years are crucial in forming a solid foundation for children development and well being.

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